Man blames beer-battered fish for DWI

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ADAMS COUNTY, Wisconsin - They say excuses get you nowhere, but for John Przybyla, 75, his excuses landed him behind bars. John was driving down a Wisconsin highway when he got pulled over.

"I could smell the odor of alcohol on his breath," said Deputy Brian Lowenhagen, Adams County Sheriff's Office.

However, John insisted he hadn't been drinking. He blamed the odor of alcohol on the beer battered fish he had just eaten. The deputy wasn't buying the excuse. John even failed his field sobriety test, so he was taken in. According to the criminal complaint, in a preliminary  breath test, John's blood-alcohol level was just below the legal limit.

"I don't think he was shocked or anything. He was fairly cooperative," Lowenhagen said.

But once it was time to test his blood in the hospital, John's tone changed and the excuses came back.

"At the hospital he told me that it was against his religion to give the blood draw," Lowenhagen said.

Deputies got a warrant though, and the test came back with a BAC level of .042.

John's no stranger to the charges. This was his tenth DWI arrest.

"Once you get so many offenses in Wisconsin, once you're up to your fourth offense or higher, the BAC level drops down to the point .02," Lowenhagen explained.

That's how John became our Dumbass of the Day!

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