Murder run amok

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HOUSTON, Texas - The news is filled with stories of grizzly murders, including a mom stabbed and stuffed in a refrigerator and a satanic murder case being tried.

The extreme slayings highlight different types of murder.

"Most people think of murder as some type of vengeance or specific anger, a product of rage gone amok," said Harvey A. Rosenstock, M.D., adult and child psychiatrist. Indeed that’s one category and then there’s the kind of killing that’s ritualistic.

"This could include murdering someone, taking someone’s life, but also a bizarre way of dealing with the body," said Dr. Rosenstock.

Like putting it in a refrigerator, for example.

Another category of murder is comprised of those killings fueled by hallucinogenic drugs where the murderer is unable to think normally. The problem is, it’s hard to know who could be the one to go off the deep end unless you know them pretty well.

"You can’t tell by looking at someone what they might do," said Dr. Rosenstock.

Of course there are obvious signs of people to avoid, like those who are verbally abusive or show you aggressive and hostile body language. Then you can predict you need to remove yourself from that situation.

Dr. Rosenstock added, "It's rather unlikely that someone with no diagnosis or history to simply lose control and commit a crime of murder."

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