No suspects in the burning death of a rural Mississippi teenaged girl

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PANOLA COUNTY, Mississippi – Anger, sadness, and fear in Panola County, Mississippi, as police release the last known images of 19-year-old Jessica Chambers, security video taken shortly before someone burned her alive on a lonely country road early Saturday night.

Volunteer firefighters responding to a burning vehicle on a county road in arrived to find Chambers, on fire, and walking toward them.

Someone had doused her with a flammable liquid and then set her on fire.

Whoever did it also poured lighter fluid down her throat and up her nose, assuring that she would burn from the inside out.

She died the next day. The only part of her body not burned was the bottom of her feet.

Investigators are going over her car and her phone recovered inside.

They hope a text or last call could be a key, especially if it links to her last whispered words.

Police questioned 31-year-old Derrick Turner, but Turner says he doesn’t know why police talked to him.

"They was just asking me did I know her or was I sleeping with her, you know. Like I said, I didn't know her like that."

So far, no suspects, no arrests, and no answers for a family and a quiet community now filled with suspicion and fear.

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