Stressing out over that present dilemma

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Grego gives his two cents on the "what gift to give" present dilemma.

"Holiday stress, not so much over how we're going tp afford to buy gifts for everyone, because who we kidding, most of us are going to charge it anyway. I mean, what's a little more debt to add to the stack, right? No, stress over "what" to buy for each person on your list! It's like the moment you think of someone and ask what should I get them? A mental block comes up and you have no idea what they would like or need. By the way, I think men prefer to receive gifts they 'need,' while women prefer to receive gifts that are thoughtful, sentimental and show you really care, aka no blenders dudes. White elephant games or Secret Santa at work can be fun but equally as stressful. USA Today says the top five worst office gifts to give are lingerie or an intimate coupon, a self-help or how to do your job better book, anything used, a bible or religious gift, anything marijuana-related, and if you really want to make it awkward, a %10 off coupon or such where the person has to buy something is not really a gift! Present dilemma, this "what gift to give stress" is what gift cards, cash or lottery tickets are for! No one is going to complain they got jipped if you give them an envelope with crisp $50 in it. and to the people that say it's too easy and show's no effort, even though we still love you very much, face it, you're an emotional sapling, cowboy up and get over it."

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