People place pooch poop in box as a holiday surprise for package thief

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WASHINGTON, DC – Sometimes the best Christmas gifts are cute and cuddly and come in the most unexpected places, like stockings.

But other times, the best gifts are filled with revenge.

Home security cameras have captured videos of thieves in Washington, DC, stealing Christmas packages from front porches.

One holiday hooligan hit the same house three times since October.

Finally, the folks who live there decided to take action, to strike a blow for humanity, to get down and dirty and stinkin' nasty.

So they set a trap. They filled a box with doo-doo from their doggies .

Yes, pooch poop.

Then they moved the cameras to get a better view, knowing the unattended box left out in the open would be just the right bait for this bad, bundle bandit who didn’t disappoint.

The homeowners don’t know what he’s been doing with the other purloined packages, but now cops and the neighbors know what he looks like, and probably the truck he drives.

And from now on, he’ll be known as the stench who stole Christmas.

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