Effigies of Blacks found hanging by nooses on UC Berkeley campus

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BERKELEY, CA - Pretty sure you've heard some wild college stories, like frat parties and what not.

Here's one story from the U.C. Berkeley campus that seems to be turning the clock back a century.

Saturday, at University of California in Berkeley, three effigies of black people were found hanging by nooses at three separate locations.

The words "I can't breathe" were printed on the human-size cardboard cutouts, depicting blacks who were lynched by mobs in Oklahoma and Alabama.

This all comes in the midst of nationwide student protests over police brutality in Ferguson and New York, in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

One was found hanging from a tree, another found hanging from 'Sather Gate,' an outdoor walkway at the entrance of the campus.

Students who found the third effigy removed it before police were able to get to it.

No word yet on who's responsible for the depiction of these probable hate crimes.  For many, seeing something so racist leaves their stomach in knots.

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