Hobby Airport closes Passenger Pickup lane for improvements

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HOUSTON, Tx - Starting Monday and is set to complete on Thursday, the drop-off lane at the terminal will be closed. Hobby Airport closes Passenger Pickup lane for improvements

"It`s going to be a pain in the neck and I think I`ll have to leave earlier to come to the airport to get here on time," according to David Cohn who arrived from Denver.

But at least it will be over soon.

"We anticipate we should be finishing early. We`ve done a lot of planning and assumptions to make certain that we have appropriate staff in all the right locations to assist with all passengers," explained Jesus Saenz of the Houston Airport System.

During the closure all traffic will be directed to the baggage claim/passenger pick-up area on the lower level. All to get the airport ready for its new unveiling next year.

"We`ve got an enormous project going here at Hobby Airport. We`re fortunate to be building a brand new International terminal building here at Hobby, along with new roadways, a new parking garage with expectations of opening all of these facilities in October of 2015," added Saenz.

Things will go back to normal before the holiday rush on the airport and many passengers are taking it in stride.

"I don`t feel like it`s going to be that big of a hassle. I don`t travel as much so others do during the year, but this airport`s always been really easy to get in and out of," said Kristin Borsey.

"I think of you go to Bush Intercontinental you have a long wait regardless, so I think coming here isn`t going to be that bad of a wait ever, so it`s not terrible," commented Reagan Jones.

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