Chef Hugo Ortega brings the tastes of Mexico’s beaches to Houston

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HOUSTON, Texas -- It's an American tradition. Sunday mornings nestled somewhere between breakfast and lunch is a thrifty little reception we call brunch. Born in England and raised in the U.S.A., it's about as continental as a cuisine can get.

But this is Houston, and if there's any place you'd expect the foodies of the world to kick things up a notch, this is it.Caracol food

Welcome to Caracol.

"This is a beach-type food," Chef Hugo Ortega explains. "You can have a beer and oysters, beer and ceviche."

It's a trip down the coast of Mexico served fresh on a plate. And like any good man would do, when the idea to open another restaurant struck him, the first thing he did was ask his wife.

"I told Tracy, I said, 'Tracy, I don't know how, but we have to do a seafood restaurant in Houston."

And if you know Hugo Ortega, then you know opening another lunch and dinner spot wasn't enough. Which is why it's all-hands-on-deck Sunday mornings turning out the best of Mexico's seafood for American brunch.

And it's no surprise the customers are lining up. Chew on this, before opening, Hugo traveled both coastlines of Mexico visiting fishermen and restaurants alike to make sure his recipes would be as authentic as possible. The result is the kind of brunch you'd have waking up late on a Mexican beach vacation. The difference is you can get it right here in Houston. And you don't even have to wake up early.