Houston conjoined twins to undergo surgery

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HOUSTON, Texas - With the holidays upon us, one family is wishing for only one thing this season and that's two healthy baby girls.

Doctors at Texas Children's Hospital took part in an expansion operation this week that will separate conjoined twins Knatalye and Adeline Mata.

The sisters were born joined at the chest in April.

Tissue expanders were placed into the twin girls' chest and abdomen to stretch their skin in preparation for the separation surgery that will happen early next year.

For any parent, an operation like this requires faith and hope, which is fitting since those are the girls middle names.

The family came together in prayer before seeing the girls off to surgery and they're prayers were answered.

After five hours of a successful operation, the girls are now recovering for the next eight weeks.

With a new year will come a new outlook on life for the Mata sisters.