Library book overdue since 1949 returned

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DIXMONT, Maine - A man in Maine, looking through his father's belongings, came across a 1946 edition of  the Margaret Mitchell classic "Gone With The Wind." As he thumbed through it he noticed the library flap inside the back cover. The book had been checked out from the Spokane High School library and was overdue by 65 years.

Wayne Hachey said, "I looked in the back and it had the library card, last checked out January 4, 1949."

Over the decades, the book somehow made it from coast to coast.

"I said it'd be kind of neat to return the book after 65 years," said Hachey, and the school agreed. They also agreed to waive the late fee.

A used 1946 copy of the book on eBay sells for $39.99, but the two-cent late fee per day since 1949 adds up to just under $500. Either way, both parties got a bargain.

The school will put the book on display since they thought the book was actually gone with the wind, and of course it was.