Soggy, congested roads during the busiest travel day of the year

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HOUSTON, Texas - It was one of those days where the old man was snoring and the rest of us had to deal with the consequences.

"The rain?  Oh, it completely sucks," said Chelsea James after coping with the weather at Market Square.  "My car was nearly completely flooded; I have rain boots right now which is the most unprofessional thing ever."

Houston had traffic jams, delays, and soggy highways for the busiest travel day of the year. It was painful for those who had to get to the airport on time.

"It was pretty rough trying to get to the airport with all the rain, today," said Bill Turner, a passenger ready to board at Hobby Airport.

But you made it, and that's what matters.  While some travelers will enjoy white Christmas up north/

"I'm about to head to New York City to go on vacation with some of my college roommates," said Amanda Overfield before handing her boarding pass to a TSA agent.

Others are waiting for visitors to arrive to the Bayou City.

"We're waiting for our friend Terrence," explained Kent Wilson, while holding a welcome-sign.  "He's coming back out of basic training."

And some are taking care of too many presents at once.

"We left ourselves plenty of time to come here,"  said Turner, who's being accompanied by his wife and two boys.  "So, we're not letting the busiest travel day of the year affect us at all."

There's nothing like the holidays to lift the spirit.  Well, a plane will take you pretty high, too.

"This is a great time of the year," celebrated Wilson. "We love Christmas!"

Does Santa have an umbrella?  He might well need it down here.