French police use Taser on a chocolate crazed monkey after it attacks kids at school

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CASTELLANE, France - Merci monkey, no mercy for you!

French police were forced to subdue a chocolate crazed monkey with a taser after the primate went crazy at an elementary school. Guess they didn't want to just spank the monkey so close to kids.

The mischievous monkey was making the French neighborhood of Castellane his home, after someone (possibly keeping him illegally) let him go. Living on the streets the little scamp apparently developed an addiction to chocolate, given to him by neighborhood kids. When he couldn't get his fix anymore, he launched into a frenzy and allegedly scratched several young students.

Mayhem ensued at the school and in a Gabriel-esque move, police shocked the monkey with their Tasers. Official tweets show the stunned monkey (who was not hurt) being cared for by the cops. When he finally came too, he was promptly placed behind bars. But he wasn't carted off to jail. He was sent to the local zoo.

It looks like his days of monkeying around are over. Au revoir monkey. Time for you to make like a banana and split.