Iowa man goes ballistic after breakup

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NEVADA, Iowa - Some people just aren't very good at handling break-ups.

Police in Nevada, Iowa say Matthew Henrich went ballistic after his girlfriend of three years kicked him to the curb.

Police say Henrich's rampage began with him setting his own house and garage on fire.

Then he jumped into his truck and drove to the convenience store where his ex-girlfriend works.

Surveillance video shows him backing his truck into the front doors of the store, narrowly missing customers and employees.

"One guy jumped at the counter towards me, another two guys jumped to the side, and Lonnie Clark was about a foot from getting hit," said store owner Charlie Good.

No one was hurt, but Henrich's tantrum wasn't over.

He sped off, leading police on a high-speed chase, swerving around stopsticks police had laid on the road.

Police followed him for another ten miles before they gave up.

He was later spotted walking down the road, and was finally thrown in jail.

His ex says he has mental issues and refuses to take his medication, which is why she dumped him in the first place.

"He just, he has issues. He goes into these spells. He doesn't understand anybody and turns everything around. He just has to be by himself and the longer he's by himself the crazier he goes," said Vickie Drinkall.

Henrich is being held on a $35,500 bond, so he'll likely spend the holidays locked up.

Maybe he can use that time to cool down.

"I don't know what's going on in that brain of his, but he just needs help," said Drinkall.