Argentinian court rules Orangutans are people too

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BUENO AIRES, Argentina - In Argentina, a judge ruled that an oragutan should be set free. A court in Buenos Aires recognized Sandra, an orangutan at the local zoo as a `non-human person` and decided she should be released.

"That`s fascinating because we keep learning more and more about primates all the time, so maybe they do have emotions complex enough to actually resent being held in captivity," according to Houston resident James Wooten.

Animal rights activists filed a petition on Sandra`s behalf, leading to this landmark ruling. No doubt zoos across America, including the Houston Zoo, are keeping an eye on this.

"If it set a precedent for something like that, then there`s going to be groups that are going to start filing those types of actions toward these zoos to get these animals out of these zoo and in to more sanctuaries," said Houstonian Tom Kitchen.

Sandra will be moved to a sanctuary unless the Argentinian zoo files an appeal.

"If you have a zoo where an animal is well-kept and cared for and her or his life is made as high-quality as possible, we should probably just keep that system," commented Houston resident Laurie Baldwin.

It seems humans are making decisions about animal rights, but in this case, has anyone taken the time to figure out what Sandra really wants?