Crook forgets to log off Facebook after robbing home

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SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minnesota - He went from Facebook to getting "booked"! A social media savvy Minnesota man is in jail, after he forgot to log-off of his profile page, in the house he allegedly just burglarized. Everyone knows you're not supposed to Facebook on the job!

Cops claim Nicholas Wig, 26, broke into James Wood's house in South St. Paul. When the homeowner came home, he found several of his belongings missing. Wood, also, noticed the thief left behind some of the crooks personal belongings, wet sneakers, jeans and a belt were found in the home. The clothes were a big clue, but what Wood found on his computer was far more compelling!

After allegedly breaking in, Wig logged on to Facebook and forgot to log-off when he later left with the loot. With the profile page open,under the name Nick Dub, Wood decided to have a little fun and updated Wig's status. And in a move that still baffles authorities, Wig reaches out to Wood to make a social media connection.

Wood asks Wig to come back to his home so he can get his wet clothes back, but this time around, cops were waiting! Wig faces up to 10 years in jail and $20,000 in fines if convicted. He forgot to log-off, now it sounds like he won't be getting off either!

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