Dempsey fighting a broken leg and hoping to land a new home

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HOUSTON, Texas - Meet Dempsey, a sweet, cute pup that's had a “ruff” life.

"He’s a 4-month-old terrier puppy. He came in on our 24-hour rescue ambulance. We think, possibly, after having been hit by a car,” says Lisa Rotter of the Houston SPCA.

Dempsey broken leg

X-ray showing Dempsey's broken left femur

“What we’re looking at here is x-rays of Dempsey. This is his left back leg and you’re looking right here at his femur- that’s the long bone in your leg. You can see here there’s a nice fracture, a nice clean fracture. The hope is that after Dempsey is off his stray hold, we will go ahead and fix that leg instead of having to amputate it” explains Houston SPCA Veterinarian, Dr. Denise Katz.

When his medical issues are behind him, this perky pup will be looking for his forever family. “We’re hoping he’s going to turn out like every other little happy puppy and be a playful companion for really any family” says Rotter.

If you think you could own a dog that`s had a “ruff life,” then check out the Houston SPCA,