Putin makes fun of reporter recovering from strokes and brain injury

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MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s big strong man Vladimir, “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, Putin surprised everyone during his recent annual marathon news conference when he channeled Mr. Warmth himself, comedian Don Rickles who has made a career out of insulting people.

Putin apparently thought he was being cute when he poked fun at how the reporter spoke.

He first asked if the reporter was from Turkey. That drew big laughs from himself and the crowd. But, of course, they may have been laughing out of fear rather than fun.

Even so, the reporter pressed on, asking about economics and about a local, mildly alcoholic, drink. Putin used that opportunity to say that it sounded to him like the reporter already had some of the drink.

But, instead of being drunk, as Putin thought, the reporter is recovering from two strokes and a brain injury.

That’s his excuse. Wonder what Putin’s excuse is?