Cleveland man held at gunpoint by cop while wife is in labor

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It's a stressful way to start the day (never mind your life).

Sam Taylor's son was born just a few hours after his dad was held-up at gunpoint by a cop. Long story short, Taylor's wife called at work to say she was going into labor. He sped home, and along the way, a cop tried to pull him over for going 38 in a 25mph speed zone.

“I put my hazards on, I slowed down and I pulled up to my house…I explained the situation to the police officer clearly and calmly and his reaction to that was anything but appropriate,” says Taylor.

“The individual driver exits his car, comes back toward the police officer's car, at that time the officer exits his car and orders the man to stop at gunpoint,” says Cleveland Heights Chief Jeffrey Robertson.

It’s a rather unfortunate case of "he said, he said."

"When a police officer is behind you and your lights are activated and a siren is indicated, what do you pull to the right and stop,” says Chief Robertson.

“I was not yelling, I was not making any aggressive or threatening moves, I was doing just the opposite...he told me to put my hands up, I put them up immediately, he kept the gun pointed at me,” says Taylor.

At least the baby boy is doing well.