Larger weddings linked to happier marriages

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HOUSTON,TX - Is bigger better?

The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia says so, claiming larger weddings are linked to happier marriages. To come to this conclusion, the Project followed 418 people who tied the knot. Here’s the breakdown of their marital bliss.

Forty-seven percent of those who said “I do” in front of 150 or more guests said they had a “high quality” marriage. Wedded bliss was 10% less for those whose nuptials included only 51 to 149 guests. Bliss was even more fleeting for couples that had 50 or fewer guests, with only 31% said they were happily married.

So, does a larger wedding mean more support for the bride and groom, or just a better bank account and less stress and fighting over finances? Or just more witnesses increasing the embarrassment factor? The Houstonians we spoke with didn't believe the size of the wedding had anything to do with the success or failure of marriage.

One Houston resident says, "Sounds kind of ridiculous to me. I have a pretty good marriage and we had a small wedding."

Another adds, "I don't think it has anything to do with how the marriage is going to work out."

The study did not analyze the outcome of large weddings where the maid of honor takes a header, or the best man drops his drawers. Whether or not it lasts, love makes the world go round as does laughter.

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