One Houston kid’s “sole” birthday wish is to give back

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HOUSTON, Texas -- One Houston kid's "sole" birthday wish is to give rather than receive. Brielle Driver, 11,  decided instead of getting gifts for her birthday, she would host a shoe donation drive for kids who are less fortunate.

Brielle says, "It feels amazing and it feels like I'm doing the right thing that I'm doing all of this for homeless kids."

Brielle was only eight years old when she got the idea for the shoe drive, but her mom wasn't too sure about it.

After a year, they hit the ground running.

Brielle's mom, Betty Driver, says, "Her ninth birthday, she said, 'Okay mom we are going to do this.' At that point when she was turning 10, I really kicked into high gear to make sure that we could make this is a reality for her. This is her dream."

Brielle's idea got friends and others pumped to get involved.

Over the past two years, she's collected nearly 300 pairs of shoes which have been distributed throughout Houston-area homeless shelters and non profits, like the Star of Hope.

C.J. Driver, Brielle's brother, says, "I thought it was good because, whenever we're driving and we turn a corner she's like the first person to say, can we give money to the homeless people."

This year, the shoes are going to the Depelchin Children's Center.

The saying goes, a child will lead them; and cheers to this one who is inspiring others to walk in her shoes.