Texas man says he is victim of police brutality

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MISSOURI CITY, Texas - The actions of police are raising eyebrows, again, and causing outrage. At a protest, police supporters came face to face with a man who claims his life has been ruined by their actions. Chad Chadwick says he lost everything after what police did to him. He was supported by community activist Quanell X at the protest outside the Missouri City police department.

Chadwick says he didn't break any laws but was violently beaten when a swat team burst into his home back in 2011. The man claims it started as a simple welfare check, but ended with him suffering serious injuries including permanent partial hearing loss. He told us, "They shot me with my hands up. And then they sat here and compiled these lies about what actually took place."

Chadwick was, at one point, charged with several crimes including two felony counts of assault and resisting arrest, but, after nine trial resets, he was found not guilty or had charges dropped on each count. The man says he wants to make sure the same thing does not happen to someone else."

Missouri City refused to comment on the case, citing an appeal currently pending in court.

It is another case of police vs. the public. A scenario becoming all too familiar.