The best and the worst cities for single people

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HOUSTON, Texas - Ready to mingle?  If you are one of the 105 million Americans that are single, then these holidays are the perfect time to have fun, but where?

Using data from the Census, the financial website WalletHub created a list of the best and worst cities for unmarried people.  Boise, Idaho, came in first which comes as quite the surprise.  Yonkers, New York finished last among 150 metropolitan areas.  The Bayou City came in 92nd which places it two places below El Paso!

It's all a matter of costs such as going to a restaurant, the movies, hair salon, paying rent. Lifestyle is also factored in like the percentage of single persons, number of cafes per capita, attractions, parks, city accessibility, and nightlife options.  But come on! With so much stuff to do and such friendly people, it's not that bad here in Houston, or is it?

"There's lots of pretty people walking around," said Scott Gibbs, who was in the Montrose area, "so, it shouldn't be too hard to find a date."

So, leave the statistics for those who would rather stay home and keep on partying like it's 1999.  There's no reason to worry since Santa is the designated driver.