Crowd clashes at malls and McDonalds

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MONROEVILLE, PA -  A couple of all-out mall brawls over the weekend caused shopping centers to shut down because of the chaos.

In Monroeville, Pennsylvania, swarms of teenaged girls began kicking and punching each other as clashes spread throughout the mall.  While the girls battled, the boys used cell phones to record the violence rather than trying to stop it.

Police estimate more than 1,000 teens showed up at the encouragement of social media.

Said Mayor Greg Erosenko, Monroeville, "We're in the holiday season, I just don't understand these young folks that were down there."

In Chicago, mall madness began in the food court and led to a free-for-all and mass evacuations.

One store employee was caught up in the chaos when he saw someone with a handgun and police officers with rifles. "Basically they`re telling everyone to run and you see massive, massive people, like 300, running and people falling," said  Ali Aladdin.

Reports of gunfire are still being investigated.

Down the road, at a Chicago McDonalds, a super-sized group fight was caught on video, showing brawlers using chairs as weapons.

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