Chihuahua mix looking for a forever family

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HOUSTON, Texas - Meet Mabeline. She’s a one-year-old Chihuahua mix and her life is pretty “ruff.”

“She came in on our 24-hour rescue ambulance. She wasn’t walking on her back legs very well at all and it turns out she has pelvic fractures. She’s just going to need some time to settle in and heal” says the Houston SPCA's Lisa Rotter.

Poor pup. We asked her how it happened but Mabeline wasn’t talking. “A lot of these cases are dogs getting hit by cars and pelvic fractures are indicative of some kind of trauma like that,” explains Rotter.

Mabeline will need some quiet time to recover but once she’s healed, she’ll be looking for her “fur-ever” family. “Little Chihuahuas like this sometimes do great as little lap dogs who want to sit with somebody and be cuddled.”

If you’re looking for a snuggly best friend, then Mabeline's your girl.

If you think you could own a dog that`s had a “ruff life,” then check out the Houston SPCA.