Protesters clash in Texas City over death of Carlton Smith

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TEXAS CITY, Texas -- Tempers flared as Quanell X and the family of Carlton Wayne Smith held a press conference on the steps of Texas City's Police Department.

Smith was shot and killed by officers, after allegedly firing several rounds outside a night club late Christmas night, but eyewitness accounts and police statements aren't matching up.

"Seven bullets to kill a man is too much. They didn't have to do that."

Speaking for the Smith family, Quanell is asking police to roll tape.

"We want the video to be released. The video will tell the story."

When Quanell introduced a witness to speak to the media, police supporters revved up a motorcycle to disrupt the rally. The situation escalated quickly, and Smith's family left shortly after. Before long the rally broke down into a yelling match between the two sides.

In the fray, protestors were shoving each other and ripping up signs. Others lashed out at Quanell for what they saw as an attempt to create tensions between the community and Texas City Police Department.

One person says, "His (Quanell) intention was to come out here and make himself a name just like he always does. I mean, I've seen this guy on TV numerous times and what this guy is doing is breeding hate."

Another person says, "I support Kathy, she come out here, she wanted justice for her son. It wasn't supposed to turn to all this chaos today."

Despite the clash on their steps, Texas City police never made an appearance leading some to believe their absence was intentional.

When the dust settled, one thing was clear,  in the midst of nationwide unrest, no community is immune.

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