Rallying to honor and support the police

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DENVER, Colorado -- For months now, it seems the country has been divided between protesters fighting for what they say is justice, and the police who are paid to enforce it. There's been a great deal of scrutiny towards police practices.

Now, people around the country are sending another message, one of support the police.

In Denver, Colorado a group called "Blue Lives Matter" held a rally in solidarity with law enforcement agencies. Several hundred people showed up, many wearing blue and sharing stories of positive experiences with police.

Similar meetings were held in several other cities around the country including Dubuque, Iowa.

Organizers there say they wanted to do something to change the message that people don't support police.

Jeff Stiles, an event organizer, says, "I want to show a different side of what we've been seeing, in the narrative, all the hatred toward the police. This is something to show our appreciation for people that are risking their lives everyday."

A perspective often overlooked.

"When you need them, they're there. When you call them, they're coming."