Search and rescue from the Java to the Adriatic seas

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SURABAYA, Indonesia – The search resumes in a few hours for that missing Air Asia flight that lost contact with air traffic controllers early Sunday morning, Indonesian time.

One hundred and sixty-two souls were aboard the flight from Surabaya to Singapore.

Last contact was over the Java Sea in a heavily traveled ship channel in shallow waters.

Indonesian officials say they think the plane is sitting on the bottom of the sea.

Reports of an oil slick and debris in the area turned out to be false.

The search has turned into an international effort with French investigators flying to the scene and a Chinese frigate and C-130 joining in.

And Indonesia has asked the United States for help.

In another rescue operation, the Italian navy rescued a mother and two of her children from that burning ferry off the coast of Greece.

The Italian coast guard says 10 people died and that 427 people got off alive. All passengers and crew are now off the vessel, with the captain the last to leave.

The fire may have started in the parking bay where a truck driver said trucks filled with oil were packed like sardines, their cargo scraping the ceiling.

Greek authorities say the fire doors may have failed, allowing the flames to spread quickly, leaving passengers with nowhere to go.