“The Interview” makes millions, but not many

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CULVER CITY, California – Sony Pictures’ “The Interview" made millions through online rentals.

More than two million rentals brought in about $18 million for Sony in the first four days of the flick’s official online release.

The take doesn’t include Sunday when the film’s director and co-star Seth Rogen and some other movie types held a two-hour live tweet session to promote the film that was a victim of Sony’s hack attack.

A lot of people are fingering North Korea’s Li’l Kim and his Beastly Boyz for stealing personal data and emails, and threatening a 9/11-style terror attack on any movie theater that showed the film about the CIA assassination of Kim.

As of Sunday, Sony suits expected to make about $2.8 million from the 331 independently owned theaters that decided to show the movie.

About 750,000 people ripped off digital copies on Christmas day using file-sharing software.

After all, nothing says Christmas like stealing a movie about the killing of a dictator who might be threatening to kill movie goers who are watching a movie about killing a dictator.