Thurgood Marshall School of Law: Catch the “SpearIt” of law

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HOUSTON, TX - There’s a new way of teaching law at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. It involves experiencing the law, instead of just reading about it.

The associate professor behind the course is a local Houstonian who has plenty of legal experience, on both sides of the criminal justice system.
He calls himself SpearIt, and growing up in Magnolia he was surrounded by friends and relatives who had served time behind bars. It gave him familiarity with criminal justice and he learned that with the proper training and education, he could question anything.

Once an outsider of the legal system, he  became an insider to fight the injustices he says he witnessed.

SpearIT now spends his time inspiring students. “We're really teaching students not just what the law in the books look like, but we're teaching how to learn the law so when you graduate, you can practice in any area because you actually know how to learn the law," he said.