Couple survives avalanche and have the cellphone video to prove it

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MOUNT BAKER, Washington – James Bond always uses protection, especially when a woman is involved; like that time he used a handy-dandy bubble contraption as protection in an avalanche.

Colby Dotson and Ashley Bechard weren’t practicing safe hiking, meaning they had no protection while doing The Big Four Ice Caves in Washington state.

That’s a popular spot on Mount Baker, and it’s a place they had never visited. Maybe that’s why they chose to ignore the signs, like the ones that said DO NOT ENTER the ice caves.

“I heard something that sounded like a plane. No question in my mind, I just ran. I was like that's an avalanche. And I ran,” said Bechard.

Dotson also skedaddled, taking pictures as he ran and as the wall of snow crashed closer.

"I'm looking into the cave as this avalanche is coming down and I see head lamps, there was two or three kind of flickering in there, so I am terrified people are dying right now, said Bechard.

No one died. In fact, no one was hurt.

The local sheriff’s office tweeted that two people were inside the ice cave at the time, but got out on their own.

"I would like to go again, but to keep some space between the caves and myself,” said Dotson.

We assume he also meant to include his girlfriend, or maybe that’s another reason she should bring her own protection next time they spelunk.

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