Hangover cures to help you through the New Year’s Eve post party blues

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Ever had a rough morning after drinking a few too many? Everybody seems to have a cure for the post party hangover.

"I believe in bouncing right back, finishing what you started the night before to help you feel better the next day," said Lisa Carpenter.

Will Mack's cure, "Sometimes you poor a little beer in your cereal and that gets you right the next day." Since ancient times, remedies abound. For the Greeks and Romans boiled cabbage or raw owl eggs seemed to do the trick.

"A Suffering Bastard, and it had all kinds of things in it but included a pickle, a big dill pickle and that was the peace de resistance that cured any hangover you ever did have," explained Jerry Price.

The Age of Enlightenment brought an elixer of amonia, the skull of a hanged man and dried viper to ease the pain.

Modern medicine gave us aspirin in 1915, though some were known to drink coke and milk.

But it seems these days, everyone goes back to the tap for the same antidote.

"My remedy is to keep on drinking, and you`ll never get that hangover," said Chris Hollis.

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