Number of cops killed by guns spikes in 2014

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NEW YORK, NY – As New York cops regroup from the assassinations earlier this month of two NYPD blues, they now face threats of more attacks, possibly during the big new year’s eve celebrations.

Twitter and other social media accounts have been carrying threats, like the one that reads: “Dear police, don’t think this can’t happen again,” accompanied by pictures of armed black panthers from the sixties and seventies.

The threats follow weeks of protests across the country when local grand juries did not indict white police officers in the deaths of black suspects.

One of the chants: Every life counts.

Now, new figures from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund show 50 US law officers were shot to death this year, and that’s up 56 percent over last year.

Fifteen of those officers died in ambushes.

In all, 126 officers died in the line of duty, a 24 percent increase over 2013.

California had 14 officers killed on the job. Texas 11. New York 9.

Bad guys can also use cars to kill cops, like one Pennsylvania man tried to do.

Joseph Pacini , 52, of Pennsylvania, posted a series of YouTube videos where he vowed to kill cops he thought were trying to kill him. He died an hour after posting that video, shot by the cops he tried to run down.

More proof that, for cops, death wears many faces.

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