Oregon lawyer pays it forward for a stranger

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PORTLAND, OR -  Attorney Colin Murphy paid it forward in Portland when he shelled out nearly $1000 to help a suspect he'd never met escape jail time.

Murphy was in court when he heard about Castor Conley's case. Conley was accused of buying a stolen truck and re-selling it. The fine for Conley was $983. When Conley couldn't pay up, that's when Murphy stepped up.

"Just a spontaneous thing," Murphy said. "It just occurred in the back of my mind. I had the ability to help him. So, I figured, why not?" Often you get into a courtroom and it's very easy to get caught up in the procedure of the moment and sometimes it's just good to remember our humanity."

That's quite a sentiment.

Conley's attorney, Lawrence Taylor, was just as shocked as his client. Said Taylor, "The kindness and complete randomness of this kind act, I honestly think it's going to be more effective correction than anything the criminal justice system could have done."