Seven-inch turn signal removed from man’s arm after 51 years

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CREVE COUR, Missouri – Doctors are used to seeing some pretty strange things inside their patients, but  a turn signal from a 1963 Ford Thunderbird? That’s exactly what a doctor took out of the arm of Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Illinois.

Fifty-one years ago, Lampitt was driving a T-bird when it ended up a pile of twisted metal. Obviously, Lampitt survived, but with a lot of broken bones, some requiring surgery to repair.

Several years ago, Lampitt was going into the courthouse when his bare arm set off the metal detector. “Scanned my arm with a scanner. And it was a bare arm with short-sleeved shirt, and the detector when off and I said ‘I don’t understand why that’s there.”

His doctor thought it might be something left over from the surgeries, and suggested Lampitt leave it alone.

But his started hurting recently, and he ended up in the hospital where the doctor removed a seven-inch metal turn signal Lampitt had been carrying around for the last half-century.

That’s when he went back to look at the pictures of the accident, and found out that, sure enough, the turn signal was gone.

Lampitt will be all right, and now he’s got something extra to use when signaling a left turn.