High-priced wine heist rocks Napa Valley

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YOUNTVILLE, CA – Holy grape juice! It seems that while Batman was all tied up over Christmas, Catwoman was planning the perfect crime.

Someone (possibly a cat burglar?), broke into The French Laundry in Napa Valley on Christmas Day. It’s not a “laundry” laundry. It’s one of the fanciest restaurants in the country, where diners can drop $60 for a glass of bubbly or more than a grand on a bottle of dinner wine.

Whoever perpetrated the purloining made off with about $300,000 of wine, putting this high-priced heist up there with a theft from an art museum.

Speaking about the stolen wine, dealer Stefan Blicker said, "These are the Faberge eggs, the Bugattis.” Some of the collector wines can set you back as much as $10,000 a bottle.

"Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is a winery in Burgandy. It is generally considered among the rarest and most collectible wine on Planet Earth,” Blicker noted.

Many of the burgled bottles had serial numbers that may help capture whoever has made wine connoisseurs see more than red, white and rose’.

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