Boehner beats back challenge to stay Speaker of the 114th Congress

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WASHINGTON, DC – There was a lot of swearing going on in Washington, but a good kind, with Vice President Joe Biden swearing in Mitch McConnell who becomes the majority leader in the Senate, and then swearing in the newly elected members of the Senate.

Over on the other side of the capital, the House officially convened the 114th Congress, presided over once again by the gentleman from Ohio, John Boehner, sworn in as Speaker of the House.

Boehner arrived at a prayer service earlier in the day in what could be seen as an omen of his next two years.

With snow falling from the gray Washington sky, Boehner slipped slightly as he negotiated the steps to the top.

Boehner may have retained his job as Speaker, but he had to beat back an attempted coup from the right-wing of his party. Louie Gohmert from Texas and Ted Yoho from Florida led the attempt to unseat Boehner.

This division in the House Republican majority could shake confidence in Boehner’s ability to lead, not only in the House, but also in the Senate where Republicans will introduce legislation on the keystone oil pipeline, maybe this week.

House Republicans plan to introduce their own legislation, but the White House says the president will veto any such bill that gets to him.

If the business of Washington is politics, then it looks like business as usual for the foreseeable future.