Crazy ex-girlfriend gets stuck in ex-boyfriend’s chimney

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WOODCREST, California - They say breaking up is hard to do, but for one California woman it was really hard. She wasn't just stuck on her ex, she got stuck in his chimney.

Long after Santa made his way down the chimney, homeowner Tony Hernandez woke up to the sounds of his ex-girlfriend banging on his door. When he didn't answer, she decided to take off all her clothes, climb the roof and try getting inside through the chimney, but she got stuck. Tony says when he heard her cries for help, he got on the roof and tried getting her out using an extension cord.

"I tried by myself for like 20 to 35 minutes, but I couldn't do it," Hernandez explained.

Ultimately, the fire department showed up and broke the fire-place open.

It's probably a safe bet to assume that they're not getting back together anytime soon.