Morton Salt company wall collapses spilling salt on cars at Acura dealership

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CHICAGO, Illinois - They've used it as their motto for over a century, but now Morton Salt is finding out the hard way, what "when it rains, it pours" really means. Part of the red brick facade from the company's storage warehouse in Chicago came crashing down, unleashing a massive 60-foot-tall mountain of Morton's salt.

And to pour even more salt on the wound, the avalanche of sodium covered 11 cars parked at the Acura dealership next door. Eight of those "assaulted" autos belonged to customers needing service. Wonder if that's covered under warranty?

Morton told Acura they will replace the salt splattered cars within two weeks, but the clean-up will take longer. Before they start flinging the salt over their shoulder, they'll have to fix whatever's left of the wall.

This isn't the only salty mess to report. Icy conditions near Pittsburgh might've contributed to the crash of this salt truck into a home. Wonder if that's covered under warranty? Nobody in the house, nor inside the truck were injured.