National Returns Day for UPS

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ATLANTA, Georgia - The holidays are over and folks aren`t just returning to work, they are also returning all those unwanted holiday gifts.

"A lot of customers, since they are doing more and more shopping online, they are looking for ease of use. And it`s that fact of I can`t try it on, I can`t touch it, I can`t see it, and so they want some assurances from shippers, from retailers that they are going to have an easy experience if something has to go back," explained Jim Brill with UPS Returns.

January 6 has been dubbed UPS National Returns Day. About 800,000 returned packages will be shipped on this day.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for those consumers to get the package in the network and get it back to the retailers so they can get their credit," added Brill.

An estimated 4 million packages will make their way back to retailers in the first week of January.  It seems UPS isn`t getting much of a break after the holiday craze.