Paying for college is getting harder

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HOUSTON, Texas -- It`s official!  College students and their parents, now carry more of the burden than ever, of paying tuition. A Government Accountability Office report says students at public schools pay more than the state, which contributes only 23 percent of the cost. That's the first time ever.

With less state money available to help with tuition, while tuition costs continue to rise, higher education is becoming harder for governments to help subsidize, Making it less affordable for future scholars.

So, unless mom and dad are independently wealthy, you're stuck with the cost.

One option is joining the military, as Briant Taylor explained, "I knew I always wanted to finish school, so I wanted to find a free way to finish school and that`s one of the reasons I joined the military."

The good news in Texas is the Legacy Act which allows for the kids of those who`ve served in the military to use the benefits of their parents, earned while in service, but only if they called Texas home while on active duty.

Scholarships are another option, "I have a nice scholarship and a few grants to take care of the rest pretty much," said Joshua Robinson.

So kids, you better start excelling at something soon since the race for those scholarships just got harder.