Twins to the end: 90-year old twins die on same day

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GRANITE CITY, Illinois -- They say, no two snowflakes are alike, but this tale of twin sisters might make you think twice. Meet 90-year-old twin sisters Mary and Martha Dixon.

Being twins, they share the same birthdate, and now, they share the same date of their deaths. They passed away on Christmas Day, a couple of hours apart.

Amy Deconcini, a granddaughter, says, "For twins to go out on the same day, two hours apart, it's like one had to take the steps to pass and help the other one get through that."

The Dixon twins nearly shared a man with each other, too, since their husbands were brothers.

Mary's husband passed away some time ago, and her Christmas wish was that she'd have another hubby someday.

Mary's daughter, Diana Hargis, says, "She kept asking me, 'Have you found me a man yet?' And I told her two weeks ago, I said, 'Mom, if you're really good, maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas. And he did. He took her home to my dad."

The family says Mary and Martha's passing was a Christmas miracle, because it brought them together for the holidays.

Even in death, two hours of seperation couldn't keep these sisters apart.