Winter brings ice, snow, and landslides to the nation

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ALTOONA, Iowa – Winter’s march through January continues as most of the nation gets hit with freezing temperatures and chances of at least one to seven inches of snow from Minnesota to Maine, and from Michigan to Virginia.

Bad weather caused a 20-vehicle pile-up near Des Moines, Iowa that stretched more than a mile and shut down parts of I-80.

And when it’s not vehicles slipping off the ice, it can be ice slipping off the vehicle. One woman in Maine got up close and personal with a chunk of flying ice that hit her windshield.

“It could have been a lot worse,” said Heather Lea Rossigno. “I was able to keep my car on the road and not swerve or anything, so I think that helped me out a lot. It could have been worse, it could have been an accident.”

A guy in Las Vegas woke up and discovered he was Jesus. All right. So he wasn’t Jesus. He was just some guy that let his pool freeze over. But it was Vegas where frozen swimming pools are not the norm.

And in Hoquiam, Washington, it wasn’t ice or snow, but mud in the form of a landslide that destroyed a house. It was the fourth house on the street hit by landslides this year, and another example of how winter is more than just ice and snow.