Arctic blast hammers nation

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ROSCOMMON COUNTY, Michigan - If it seems like Old Man Winter has you running for the covers, you`re not alone.

The arctic chill continues to bring sub-zero temperatures and a bucket full of winter woes to most of the nation, especially to the folks living up north, which, for Houston, is just about all of the country.

One of the strangest, and scariest, winter tales comes out of northern Michigan where a mini-van ran into the back of a slow-moving semi on Interstate 75 during a snow storm.

The Menz family couldn`t get the driver`s attention by honking the horn because the airbag in the Toyota Sienna deployed and the car lost all power in the collision.

The semi dragged the van about 16 miles before police found them and stopped the truck. No one was hurt.

But not everyone hates the cold. Chicago`s Lincoln Park Zoo will stay open for those brave enough to visit.

Now, before the animal cruelty police get all upset, the zoo people say this is "brrrr-fect" weather for the snow leopards, the black bear, and the seals.

And for the critters that don`t come with their own fur coats, well, they get to snuggle inside where it`s cozy and warm.

Just where we like to be on days like this.

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