College football playoff paying off big but for who?

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Simon says the college football playoff should be a big payoff. It is for some but not for all.

"If you love college football then you love this week. It`s the first ever college playoff Super Bowl or what ever they call it. The Ducks and the Bucks!

Kind of fitting because it seems for years the NCAA has been ducking for cover when it comes to players making some bucks. There`s big money at stake here -ESPN is spending seven billion dollars just to televise the playoff games over the next 12 years.

Let`s hope the debate over paying players doesn`t take that long to settle. Sure , there`s talk some schools may soon pay players up to $5,000 a year for expenses, but is it enough? When billions of dollars are being passed around.

I wish the NCAA would 'pay' more attention to what`s still going on when it comes to making money. You may have heard about how the NCAA stopped selling memorabilia on its website after people noticed the site was selling merchandise with the names of 'student athletes.'

Well, it looks like everyone isn't working from the same playbook because go to the Big Ten wesbite - you can spend a few hundred bucks for the head Buck since there`s a lot of signed memorabilia for sale with OSU coach Urban Myer's autograph.

It seems like the Big Ten conference has a big double standard brewing - it can 'sell' their coaches, but the coaches have to 'sell' the kids on doing a good job and likely getting paid with a thank you. Wonder if that will score some points with the players?"

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