Dad throws daughter a Playboy themed party and gets busted for serving alcohol to minors

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SAN DIEGO, California - Sometimes daddy doesn't know best. A California father is busted for allegedly serving alcohol at his daughter's "Playboy Mansion" themed, 18th birthday bash. Booze and scantily clad teens, what can possibly go wrong?

The birthday blowout was thrown by attorney Jeff Lake for his daughter Olivia, in their home. Photos from the party posted on Instagram show Liv with a pipe in her mouth and her boobs out in full display. Other shots show underage drinking and under-dressed partiers. Many of the pics are tagged "Liv's Playboy Mansion". Sheriff's deputies say good old dad was in the house as about 200 teens, most of them under the age of 18, kicked it Hefner-style. When officers arrived, two of the partiers were pasted-out drunk.

No word on whether mom Jacki Lake was home during her daughter's sexy shingding. But the mother, a former Poway High PTA president, might've had premonitions of trouble at the party, when she tweeted Liv this post, "Happiest Birthday to the baddest b*^%& in town. Now don't get arrested."

Daddy was charged with serving alcohol at an underage party and fined $3,600, the cost of the police response. On the up-side, Hef might have found his future ex-wife in Liv. If he lasts that long.

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