Fighting back: Showing defiance in the face of terror

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Grego sounds off on the religious war being waged by Islamic radicals saying that people need to show defiance in the face of terror.

"One day after a terror attack in Paris by Muslim extremists, much of the world is waking up to the reality of the religious war being waged by (estimates are as many a few hundred thousand maybe more) Islamic radicals. President Obama is not one of them. "I am Charlie," too, by the way.. I did my own cartoon showing our president's head in the sand, but I misplaced it.

Anyway, to show their resolve, Charlie Hebdo who's Paris offices were attacked will publish with the help of Google, one million copies next week. the magazine's circulation is only 30,000. Many people are showing defiance in the face of terror, which I happen to think is a beautiful thing. it shows the need for individuality and freedom people naturally have in them! You start a fight, you're going to get one! Cartoonists all over the world fought back by flooding social media with more drawings. Last night, Bill Mahr said one of the few things I've ever agreed with him on, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, 'Politically correct liberals have turned America into "kitty nation"' but he used another word for kitty. In Florida, going way out on a limb, some porn star shot a movie wearing a hijab, the traditional muslim garb. Yeah, maybe not the smartest thing to do (making an adult film) but her way of exercising her freedom of speech in an otherwise artistic manner. All I'll say is this, it is a fool's errand for these jihadists to think they're going to scare the entire world into silence. If terror attacks like yesterday's continue and I expect they will, then eventually nations will come together and these cockroaches will be exterminated."

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