Fish gets prosthetic eye to stop it from being bullied

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VANCOUVER, Canada - Weird Science stories are usually strange. But this next one is down right fishy! Veterinarians at the Vancouver Aquarium performed cosmetic surgery on a fish. Why? To keep him from getting beaten up by his other tank-mates of course! Bullying in school is a big problem, even in a school of fish.

The unnamed yellow rockfish (probably to protect his identity) needed his eye removed due to cataracts. But that wasn't the last of his concerns. Losing an eye can make fish appear weak, causing other fish to attack it. Worried that the now one-eyed fish was going to catch a major beat-down by his buddies, the aquarium came up with a first-of-a-kind plan. Give the fish a fake eye!

The vets knocked-out their fishy patient, and then fitted him with a prosthetic eye. Water is moved along the fish's gills the whole time and when the procedure is over, the fish is placed in his recovery bucket.

Now back in his environment, the fish has a new look, and his "frenemies" are none the wiser. Looks like nobody is getting bullied today. Just goes to show you, sometimes appearance means everything, especially underwater.

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