Former teacher suing Quanell X

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Former third-grade teacher Angela Box is suing community activist Quanell X for defamation. Box and her lawyers claim that Quanell slandered Ms. Box when he held a press conference outside her school, claiming that she made racist remarks.

Box says that she did not say the alleged comments, and the accusations led her to have to resign her position. A statement from Ms. Box's attorneys says that Quanell's remarks caused her "concern for her own safety." The former teacher, also, says her reputation was damaged and she may never work as an educator again. She is now seeking between $200,000 and $1 million in damages.

Quanell X released the following statement:

"A press conference is not what cost Ms. Box her job. Ms. Box's ignorance and her attack against Islam and all Muslims is what cost her her job. Second, I want to thank Ms. Box for filing a lawsuit. At least she assures me I'll have some toilet paper for the rest of the week."

Here is a copy of the press statement that Box's attorneys released: HLF Press Statement 1.8.2015

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