Pennsylvania father finds man on top of daughter, cuts his dreadlocks off

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READING, Penn. -- It's the reaction you'd expect from pretty much any dad walking into his apartment to find a 19-year old man on top of his 17-year old daughter. Blind rage.

Reginald Hardy, of West Reading, Pennsylvania says it was the maddest he'd ever been. He says he just remembers seeing red.

Hardy explained, "He locked himself in the bathroom and then we got into a little scuffle."

Their little scuffle ended with Hardy pulling the man into the kitchen and chopping the man's dreadlocks off with a knife, before threatening to shoot him.

We understand being protective and all, but maybe a stern warning would've gotten the job done?

Now, Hardy's facing two counts of aggravated assault and charged with making terrorist threats. Talk about a bad hair day!

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