The homeless endure freezing temperatures on streets of Houston

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HOUSTON, Texas -- For most of us, a dip into the freezing temperatures means bringing in the outside pet, covering plants, or wrapping pipes. but what does it mean for the less fortunate who call our city streets, the only home they`ve got.

Terry Crocker, who is homeless, says.  "With frigid temperatures freezing you night after night...We got a bunch of blankets to keep us warm tonight, hopefully... it might just freeze and we`ll be dead in the morning. These are the circumstance we have to put up with in these streets."

They sleep in shifts, worried that the things kind strangers dropped off for them might get stolen by those hiding in the darkness.

Crocker says, "You got crabs on both side of you, waiting for you to get anything so they can steal it from you."

Another homeless person, William Banks, adds, "Well I had a sleeping bag and six blankets. And I had a good spot that I thought I could stay at, but I just went and checked on it and all my stuff`s it`s gonna be cold tonight, I`m gonna be doing a lot of walking."

It`s about as miserable as you`re imagining. and if you`re looking to help, they`re willing to accept it.

Banks says, "Blankets, liquids, hot chocolate, hot coffee, uh, hot food ...uh... love and prayers."

So why don't the homeless just find a shelter to keep warm?

Banks says, "I have no I.D. right now. I can`t get into shelters...Houston`s got a couple of places that help you, I mean it`s time consuming waiting on it."

Remember, we`re all just one or two wrong decisions from needing help and it`s said 'a society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest,' although surviving a blistering cold night on the streets of Houston is no small feat.

Crocker sums it up by saying, "This homeless family is telling you it ain`t no joke. You think it`s a joke come out here and try it for yourself, and I guaranty you you`ll be crying for mama tomorrow."

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